On June 6 1893 Charles de Lambert (27) entered into matrimony, in the church Saint-Joseph of the congregation of the Priests Passionists -   a catholic Irish mission – 50 avenue Hoche in Paris 7 with Cordelia Mary Consett sixteen years old.

Fig. 4-7
Marriage certificate Charles de Lambert and
Cordelia Mary Consett
June 6 1893

Translation: ‘In the year thousand eight hundred ninety three, the sixth of June at a quarter past four in the afternoon,

Marriage certificate of Charles, Alexandre, Maurice, Joseph, Marie Jules, Stanislas, Jacques, count de Lambert, born in Funchal (island of Madeira) on December 30 thousand eight hundred sixty five, candidate in law, living 18 avenue La Bourdonnais, before that 21 rue de Vaugirard with his mother, son of full age of Alexandre, Charles, count de Lambert, deceased, and of Marie, Louise Marguerite de Savary de Lancosmes  Brèves, his widow, real estate owner, present and agreeing, and of Cordelia Consett, born in Kensington countship London (England) october twenty eight thousand eight hundred seventy six, without profession, living with her father and mother at château du Champ de Bataille (Eure) and by rights in London, infant daughter of William Warcop Peter Consett and of Harriett Georgina Edith Warcop Kerr, his wife, real estate proprietor, present and consenting. Drawn up by us Claude A?, deputy of the mayor, knight of the legion of honour, officer of the registration service of the seventh district of Paris, who pass on in public to the solemnization of marriage, after presentation to the parties for reading: of their certificates of birth, of the death certificate of the father of the future, the certificates of  morals presented by the two future married people, publications taken place on this town hall, in the sixth district and in Sainte Opportune du Bosc (Eure) on the Sundays seven and fourteen of last may, without objection: all documents duly initialled, and of the chapter of the civil code on the rights and duties of the married people: after having spoken to the future, his mother, the future and her father and mother who have declared a marriage settlement was concluded, last may twenty seven before LLB Gatine, notary in Paris, who has supplied us with a certificate of it, we have asked the future whether they want to accept each other as married people and after each one has answered in the affirmative we have pronounced, in the name of the law, that Charles Alexandre Maurice, Joseph, Marie Jules Stanislas, Jacques count de Lambert and Cordelia Consett have been joined in matrimony, in presence of the marquess de Luppé, real estate owner rue ? de Jouy 29, twenty six years old, cousin of the bridegroom, count de Beaumont, real estate owner 12 boulevard des Invalides, sixty eight years old, uncle, Louis count de Boisgelin, lieutenant with the 3rd cuirassiers at Tours, thirty two years old, brother-in-law of the bridegroom; Réginald Talbot, military attaché with the embassy of England, fifty two years old, witnesses who have signed with the bridegroom, his mother, the bride and her father and her mother after reading.                            Count de Lambert x C. Consett

Savary de Lancosme? Lambert ? Consett

Le ? de Luppé                                                                                            ? Consett

Count Jacques de Beaumont                                                 Count Louis de Boisgelin

? Talbot


This is, as it seems, the beginning of a beautiful and strong mutual love not many details of which are known. As far as the personality of marchioness Cordelia Mary de Lambert born Consett is concerned, somewhere briefly described as a refined woman, a beautiful fashionable presence, we only have the testimony of óne lady connected with Cordelia: “she was an unforgettable girl-friend for me”.

A single girl is born from this alliance. After ten years of marriage on November 10 1903 in Paris 16th Marie Marguerite Cordelia Juliette Philomène de Lambert comes into the world. Daysie – this name is soon given – is a very nice blond and very intelligent girl. She often stays with her aunt and uncle count Louis de Boisgelin on Château du Houssay (north of Provins, Seine et Marne) which the count had restaurated after the war of 1870. In 1940 she is corpulent, mentally ill and has gone through stays in a psychiatric home. She died single in a clinic in Saint-Sylvain d’Anjou , France on November 21 1953 03:00. With her a family extinguished.