Charles, Alexandre, Maurice, Joseph Marie, Jules, Stanislas, Jacques count Charles de Lambert is born in Funchal on December 30 1865 03:30, in the presence of his grandparents on mother’s side.

On account of mortal danger and ad caute’lam (by way of precaution) the christening ceremony takes place on January 4 1866.


Fig. 2-1
Certificate of baptism Charles de Lambert
January 4 1866 Funchal, Madeira

Translation: ‘On the fourth day of the month of January of the year thousand eight hundred sixty six, in this Chapel Nossa Senhora das Augustias, situated in Quinta das Augustias, in parish of San Pedro, Council and Diocese Funchal, authorized by Order of  Excellency and Rev Dom Patricio Xavier de Moura, Diocesan Bishop, dated December six of thousand eighthundred and sixty five, I have practised exorcism and baptised, administered Holy Oils to a person of male sex, who because of mortal danger and by way of precaution, was baptised by me in this same chapel, whom I have given the name of Carlos Alexandre Mauricio José Maria Julio Estanislau Jacques, who was born in this parish of San Pedro at three o’clock thirty of the morning of the thirtieth day of the month of December of the year thousand eighthundred and sixty five, legal son of Exc. Count Alexandre Carlos de Lambert, dceased, real property owner and Aide-de-camp of His Majesty the Emperor of all Russias, born in Paris, received in this same chapel, parishioner of this parish of San Pedro and at present living at rua de Sancta Clara, grandson on the father’s side of Exc. Count Maria Carlos de Lambert and of Exc. Countess Julia Deeff de Lambert and on the mother’s side of Exc. Count Luis Estanislau de Savary de Lancosme Brèves and of Exc. Countess Maria Antonietta Julia Gaudar de Laverdine de Lancosme Brèves.

Was godfather His Exc. Count José de Lambert, Aide-de-camp of His Majesty the Emperor of all Russias, married, living in the town of Saint-Petersburg, represented by his  attorney  Exc. Count de Lancosme Brèves, grandfather of the person receiving baptism, in virtue of a warrant of the second of the month of last November, and godmother Exc. Countess de Lancosme-Brèves, grandmother of the person receiving baptism,

and assist with this certificate as witnesses, Exc. Count do Carvalhal, Lieutenant-General José Julio do Amaral and José Antonio Monteiro Feixeira, ex-consul of this town,  whom I know in person.

I declare that the person receiving baptism is son of Exc. Count Alexandre Carlos de Lambert, deceased, and of Exc. Countess Maria Luiza Margarida de Lambert, widow, born in Paris. And so I have drawn up this certificate in twofold which we after reading and comparing in presence of  priests and witnesses have signed collectively.

I declare that with this certificate of baptism, which took place on day thirty of last December, were present Exc.Vice Consul of Russia Joaquim José Bernes, and Exc.Vice Consul of France Mr César Blaize, who have signed this registration as well. Era ut supra.

= Laverdine =

Count de Lancosme Brèves            de Laverdine Countess deLancosme Brèves


Jose Julio do Amaral

General V da G Division

Joaquim José Bernes

Canile do Carvalho

J.A. Monteiro Feixeira

C. Blaize

The Cannon Priest Filippe José Nunes’