The nominal capital

The nominal capital has been subdivided in 1.200 shares of 500 franc each. Four hundred of them have been paid up in full, the remaining 800 available to the public.

Fig. 5-9
(photocopy) of share nº. 0983

According to number 5 of the articles of association the lifetime of the company has been fixed at 50 years reckoning from the day of its definite foundation.

Fig. 5-10
Articles of association ‘Société anonyme des Hydroglisseurs de Lambert’

Moreover at 5, Avenue du Général-Détrie, Paris (7) an operating company existed under the name of Société d’exploitation DES HYDRO-GLISSEURS <<DE LAMBERT>>

Fig. 5-11 Characteristics of a hydroplane de  Lambert     on stationery ‘Société d’exploitation DES HYDRO-GLISSEURS  <<  DE    LAMBERT >>

Fig. 5-12
Not every customer of Société Anonyme des Hydroglisseurs de Lambert is
satisfied according to this letter of U.S. Navy dated May 14 1919