Countess de Lambert


Fig. 1-7
Marguerite Savary de Lancosme-Brèves, countess de Lambert
* 16/1/1840 Paris; x 19/2/1865 Funchal; † 6/7/1909 Neuilly-sur-Seine

Within half a year, on August 1 1865 Charles-Alexandre count de Lambert passes away peacably at the age of 49-years in Funchal, leaving his widow pregnant of the future pioneer of aviation and inventor. The corpse is embalmed and, in expectation of another destination, laid out in the chapel.

Fig. 1-8
Death certificate Charles-Alexandre count de Lambert
August 1 1865 04:00, Funchal, Madeira

Translation: ‘On the first day of the month of August of the year thousand eighthundred sixty five, at 4 o’clock in the morning, in the House of his residence Quinta das Augustias of the parish San Pedro, Council and Diocese Funchal, passed away a person of male sex, named Count Alexandre Charles de Lambert, forty nine years old, Married With her Exc. Maria Luiza Margarida de Savary Lancosme-Breve, Russian national, Count Aide-de-camp of His Imperial Majesty of all Russias, and General of the Cavalry, born in the City of Paris, Empire of  France, legal son of his Exc.Count Marie Charles de Lambert, born in same Town of Paris and of her Exc. Countess Madam Julia Deeff de Lambert, born in Saint-Petersburg; he has not made any will, the corpse has been embalmed and laid out in the Chapel of the residence, in expectation of its further destination.

And for official confirmation, I have drawn up this certificate in two copies and signed

Cannon Priest Gregório João Moniz’.