Wedding of Charles

It is unknown who had  the idea to connect Marie-Louise Marguerite Savary de Lancosme-Brèves, young 25 years, with general de Lambert man of almost fifty and seriously ill already (presumably consumption, frequent in the 19th century). Two arguments come to mind:  Marguerite, for sure an extraordinary well educated person, did not have sufficient physical attraction to induce possible suitors to forget about the shabby dowry resulting as consequence of the more than unsteady finances of her parents. De Lambert is extraordinary wealthy. An ex-curator of the Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace speaks of estates with a surface equal to a French province (let’s say about 15.000 km²).


Fig. 1-5
Chapel ‘Nossa Senhora das Augústias, Funchal, Madeira



Fig. 1-6
Marriage certificate Charles-Alexandre
count de Lambert and Marie-Louise Marguerite Savary de Lancosme-Brèves
February 19 1865

Translation: ‘On the nineteenth day of the month of February of the year thousand eighthundred and sixty five, in the chapel of Nossa Senhora das Augustias, situated in the quinta das Augustias of the parish of San Pedro, council and diocese of Funchal, with faculty of his Dear and Most Reverend Sir Dom Patricio Xavier de Moura, Diocesan Bishop, with consent of the fourteenth of this month, have appeared in my presence the to be married couple Mr Count Alexandre Charles de Lambert and Miss Marie Louise Marguerite de Savary de Lancosme Brèves, whom I know in person, exempted from the hindrance of the third and fourth grade of affinity on the father’s side, for their grade of affinity, and we by resolutions of the Dear and Most Reverend  Prelate, with the date of fourteen of this month, without any hindrance according to church rules or  civilian of their marriage, he forty nine years old, Russian subject, unmarried real property owner and Aide-de-Camp of His Majesty the Emperor of Russia, born in Paris where he was baptised, inhabitant of this quinta das Augustias parish San Pedro of this town, legal son of Mr Count Marie Charles de Lambert and of Mrs Countess Julie Deeff de Lambert, he born in Paris and she in Saint-Petersburg; and she with the age of twenty five years, unmarried, without profession, born in Paris, where she was baptised, inhabitant of the same quinta das Augustias, legal daughter of Mr Count Louis Stanislas de Savary de Lancosme Brèves, and of Mrs Marie Antoinette Julie Gaudar de Laverdine countess de Lancosme Brèves, real property owners born in Paris, these married people have been declared man and wife, and have entered into matrimony and have obtained this entire certificate in accordance with the admission of the holy catholic apostolic roman mother church.

Were present the following witnesses, whom I know in person, Mr Count Octave de Bastard, captain General Staff of the French Army married, resident in rua da Imperatriz, parish San Pedro of this town, Joaquim José Bernes, Russian consul of this town, married, resident in rua João Tavira, and Mr César Blaize Vice Consul of France, married, living in rua do Aljube, parish of the Cathedral. And as official confirmation of this fact I have drawn up this certificate in twofold and having presented and read out it for those present and all witnesses  have all signed it.

Marie Louise Marguerite de Savary de Lancosme


Count Alexandre Charles de Lambert

Aide-de-camp of H.M.

The Emperor of all Russias. –

Count Octave de Bastard

Joaquim José Bernes               C. Blaise

De Laverdine Countess de Lancosme Breves

Count de Lancosme Brèves                  Lancosme Countess Octave de Bastard

The canon Priest Filippe José Nunes. ‘