Ville de Bayonne

General’s wife countess de Lambert, her parents and her son return to France in August 1867. They settle in the mild and beneficial climate of Basses-Pyrénées, first of all in Bayonne.

Countess de Lambert born Marie-Louise Marguerite Savary de Lancosme-Brèves and Charles de Lambert lost her father respectively his grandfather on November 25 1873.

Fig. 2-3
Death certificate Louis-Stanislas Savary count de Lancosme-Brèves
* 1809 Vendœvres, Indre, France; † 24/11/1873 23:30 Bayonne, France

Translation: ‘In THE YEAR thousand eight hundred seventy three and the twenty fifth of November, at eleven o’clock in the morning.

In front of us deputy attorney, civil servant of the registration service of the town of Bayonne, department of Basses-Pyrénées, have appeared Messrs Pierre Auguste BLAZY, fifty eight years old, waiter, and François Henri HARAN, forty two years old, padre of the boarding school St. Bernard, living in this town, who declared us that the twenty fourth of this month at eleven o’clock thirty in the evening Mr Stanislas count de LANCOSME-BRÊVES, sixty four years old, rentier, Knight of the Legion of Honour, living and born in Vendoeuvres en Brenne (Indre); husband of Mrs Julette GAUDAR de LAVERDINE; has passed away in this town, rue du Gouvernement nº 28, as has been assured to us, and the informers have signed with us this death certificate, after it has been read to them.

The deputy attorney.

Signatures follow.’